How to Add Facebook send button for blog

     Facebook developers new Social Plugin Send has been Published Globally. Send Button surely allows your readers to send your page into your friends message inbox or send to wall or you may allow to send page into email address.

  • How Send option different from Like Button ? 
     Like button allows you to Share with your lll friend in your list, where send button allows to specified friends only.
  • What are the New Features with Send Button.
 It allows your readers to share pages via email,message Inbox and send to wall.
  • Can i add this Send button In my Blog ?
Exactly, you can add send button in your blog as like share Button .

  • How to Generate Code for my Blog ?

          <script src=""></script><fb:send href="" font="arial"></fb:send>

  1. Copy the code after change the Red URL and replace with your URL .
  2. Add this code in HTML mode in Post Editor and Publish.
  3. Refresh your Page.Done!

By : Sooji


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