7 ways to speed up your blog

            Loading  time of  blog is very important factor affecting your visitors . Visitors will skip the blog if it doesn't load in couple of times,how ever you have good content. So i am Telling about to reduce your loading time of  Blog.I here by suggesting 7 Ways to speed up your Blog/website without any more effort.

  1. Optimize Images :  Before you Save your Image that you have plan to upload into blog,better use "Save for the web" option in the Image Editing Software ( Adobe Photoshop ) .
  2. Optimize Your CSS :Most blog of blogger are designed in CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) .,Avoid useless css codes to speed up your blog codes .CleanCSS is a Online tools to avoid white space in your code , it merge similar selectors  and remove useless properties. 
  3.  Image Formats in Blog  :  Most of us are uploading images in JPEG format , in the way it make you good clarity, but i suggest save images in Gif format makes you to load images more fast than JPEG, thus it speed  your Blog.
  4. Use Slash(/) In your Link/URL : Why should you use Slash in URL ? It helps your server to figure out its an directory  page and reduce the load time of your Blog.
  5. Define Width and Height : After Uploading image to blogger , better set its width and height .This tags help your browser to know the width and height before loading image.So browser can reserve a space for it and load rest of page easily.
  6. Select Good Hosting Company : While buying a Domain, avoid low quality offers from local host and select Good namely hosting companies like Godaddy . They provide fast server and easy maintenance , this will speed up your blog.
  7. Remove unnecessary Meta Tags : Most Meta tags we are using in our blog is unnecessary and wouldn't give you any result.Reduce keywords in 200 characters, Click here to See the Meta tags are available.

By : Sooji


  1. those were really great tips, especially the one relating to the inclusion of / at the end of teh URL. I never knew that one little / could make such a differnec. I confess that I didn't undersatnd the reason mentioned. I will keep searching for the answer.
    Good work
    - Ranjith

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