Google Account Temporarily Disabled make Blogger dead

Last Day i got a Comment from my reader , that has nothing but, when he tries to open his blog he have seen a message "the blog at has been removed " .And it deny to see the content in the site. Actually He didn't removed that Blog. I Sure his Google account disabled temporarily and deny to access.This happen without any notification.

 Now Go to Gmail or Sign In in Google account.A page shown in image will appear in your screen.Complete with right data.You can access into your account only after verifying your Mobile number
.Verification code will be sent via sms.
Now Go to Your Blog account[].If it still stick on same message go to Settings and recover it.

By : Sooji


  1. Hello Mr Sooji,
    This is my problem, already i have tried to this trick but still unsuccessful. Google didn't sent to me any sms to my mobile. pls give me the correct solution of this matter..
    my blog site is (
    when i use the my mobile no. then after that google need code no. from where i will get the code no? so pls help me.. thank you...

  2. Now is Working..


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