how do i make private blog

How do i control my blog to see it from some people i wish ? How can i make my blog into private mode ? Can i made  password to m blog ? How can i restrict my blog into people i choose. ?These are the Questions i experienced in Forums.Actually there is only one solution for all these questions.Let me Guide you here.

  • Go to Dashboard , Settings ,Permission Page.
  • Now Change the Radio Button from "Anybody" into "Only People i Choose" in Blog Readers.
  • Now you can add email address of peoples that you want to share your blog and Click on INVITE

Note :Remember now your blog is permitted to only people you shared.They should Sig In with the email you shared .You can invite only 100 peoples .You can Click on Choose from Contacts to get contacts from your email address and make sharing easily.
News Feeds will not be available for Private Blogs.

By : Sooji


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