Create contact us form for your blog

  How about getting feedback from your visitors directly to your email address ? ,Yah thats so simple now.You can create it within three minutes.Even you didn't know the basic html, you can easily create the form.You can add name textarea,message textbox,email textbox and you can make this as required box.When your visitors submit the form , you would get the entered data to your email address.You would get the IP address of your visitors .
Go to ,it will help you to create contact forms. You can add more css code and scripts there.
   You can also use Google Docs to create such contact Forms.
  •  Go to Google docs  
    • Click on "Create New" button on left side [ Pic]
          • Select Form
                • Now type Question , and select required or not. You can add more item by click on "Add item" at the top of the form.
                      • You can view the form by copying the link at the bottom of the form.[Just like in the image] .
                            • You can also make into iframeby hit on "More actions" and select "embed" and copy the iframe code,and paste the code in your post. Click here to know more about iframe.

                          By : Sooji


                          1. Thanks,email me form is more advance , i think.

                          2. I used email me form in blogknol contact form.

                          3. Hi mr sooji, i have some proble about my blog. can u help me please? the my problem is since 5 days before my Gmail account has disable and also my blog site disable i couldn't find it. Please as soon as reply me. i hope you will be help blog url ( thank your mr Sooji..
                            your prompt action and usual cooperation shall be highly appreciated. thank much

                          4. Don't be worry,You can restore and access your Google account after verification.Same as Blog moves to earlier pose.
                            Click here to Read Post.

                          5. @Salim Subba
                            Sorry for Delay.
                            Take time to complete the new Post.
                            I Think your problem solved.You are 100% Satisfaction with blogknol ?

                          6. Mr. Sooji thank you so much for your great help.

                          7. Welcome Slim suuba ,
                            i am happy to see you here after a long gap.

                          8. Now i can Use the following HTML code to create a basic feedback form that sends you an email when submitted.


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