How to add Add Flash Video into blog

        Adding Flash videos into blog post is as like we add other format videos into blogpost..Actually it is very simple if you have basic idea to add other videos into your blog post.Any way don't worry about it,.I"ll teach you in three step guide .

  • First of all you need to create an Flash video and Upload into any free hosting sites. I prefer Google sites, ,megauploads,zshare etc.. 
  • You should copy the source code/URL of your flash Video.URL of video looks like the below given code.Extension will be .swf .For Example,
  • Now go to and sign In with your Email and Password .
  • Go to your post editor and make it into "HTML MODE" .
  • Now copy down the Code and Replace the Red color code with your Flash URL .
<embed src="" quality="high" name="flaObj" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="560" height="340"></embed>
  • Instead of that red text ,  paste your Flash video URL/ source code.Then Publish your Post.
  • Note: The code must be given in "HTML MODE" You can set height and size of your video by changing the width and eight in that given code.

    By : Sooji


    1. megauploads andzshare are not available,

    2. If you Upload any file to Mega Upload or Zshare, you would get the URL.Its a sense .
      I Think the way your are following is wrong.

    3. Please Upload a flash to megaupload and send me the page URL .I shall give you the Flash source code.

    4. Life time opportunity for this very special Great Lam Rim Teachings


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