Iframe to add another blog into your blogger page

Do you ever dream to display another blog in your blog ,as one blog. This technical is called Website merging.Iframe helps to do it.You can put an IFrame in either a blog post, or in a special page element.When you done so ou can view your second blog in first blog itself.Enjoy to blogging at a run,

  • Go to Blogger post Editor , and Make it into HTML Mode.
  • Now Copy down the code below and replace the Link with your Blog address or any website that you want to appear in your blog post..Please see this Post , where i merged Google groups into a post.
  • <iframe frameborder="0" height="400" src="http://yourblogaddress.blogspot.com" width="100%"></iframe>
    You can adjust this code according to your post area width and size.. To merge another blog,you should get the URL of desired website and replace the Red Link  in the code that i give above.

      By : Sooji


      1. Hi man,shall i add this to my diary/blog ?
        Keep awesome man.

      2. Sure,You can use this code in your blog,note that this code is basically html language and it will get working where ever html supported .
        So its not worry,keep going.

      3. Thanks Indiebundles for your sweet comments and love to here this.

      4. thank you for this I will use it at my blogs!

      5. This is exactly what I was needed. Thanks!

      6. sooji, where to add this code?

      7. @...
        Paste this in your Post editor itself in HTML mode. And then Publish it.

      8. I use blogger. Where do I post the code?

        I want one blog to list my recipes, poll results, etc... and another blog to say what I am doing everyday at the same blogger place.
        I am slowly figuring all this out, but trying hard.
        My blog is at http://cookbookfarm.blogspot.com/ and I am new to all this:) Thank you for your efforts and time!
        Carol Porter

      9. You just Copy down the Code and paste it in our Blog Post Editor as HTML mode,And Publish out.!
        How simple as that.!

      10. hooooo its great i am very surprised by using this
        thanks for sharing this information
        keep rocking

      11. hi this is awesome post, i want to know can i enable blog posting to other pages in my blog? i mean like homepage we can submit our posts, can i do it on elsewhere in my blog like on other page?


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