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Once you get more visitors and bored with commenting and replys, your thoughts turns into forums,but the limit of Blogger makes you so sad.
But Your Sooji can help you to setup a good forum to you in your blog.
No chatbox or shoutbox can't made a service like a forum.

If you want a full featured forum with free cost, Google Groups lets you setup a forum as easily as you can setup a blog. Or any other forum will do just as well. It all depends upon what you want.
Then it's just a matter of combining your new forum and your blog, just like any two web sites - using iframes.

          Please follow the step to add an forum in your blog :

  • Now,copy your Google group URL.

  •  Now, you should apply iframe method here,follow the next step.,
  • Just Copy the code below,by changing the google group URL( 

    • Publish Your Post..
    • Click here to see an example.
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              How to Create forum in Your Blog -Updated
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