How To Backup Your "Widgets"

Some times,you would get new template and new widgets,But when you change the template,you will lose the widget.Back up will help you to solve this Problem.The following Steps help you to back up your widgets in your Blog.

  Back up widgets From Page Element
  • Login to blogger with your ID
  • Click Layout.
  • Click menu Page Elemet, you will see the page be like this ( just example):example for page element

  • At representative of above seen the article edit which I give red circle, You must click at Edit in each the page element, hence will emerge popup window figuring in the code have in input to that. Pay attention the picture below :

    example image for pop up window
  • Copy the code inside there, and paste to Notepad.
  • Repeat the step above at all the elements.
  • Finish.

There is the step how to back the data inside page element. This is the other way to backup your widgets. 

                            Back up widget through Template Source Code

I think this way is more quickly and efisian, you need a few time to do this. This is the steps : 
  1. Visit your blog .
  2. Click the menu View at the bar menu. See the picture below :

  3. this is the example for see the template source code

  4. After click the menu View, will be out the sub menu, then click Source[As shown in the above pic]
  5. if your browser is Internet Explorer, so there is automatically will out the notepad with your templatesource code. If your browser is Mozilla Firefox or Opera, so there is out the new page with your template source code For example, see the picture below :the example for source code at the notpad
  6. Save your template source code.
  7. Finish.

By : Sooji


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