New Google Translate Flags Widget

I know many friends blogs receives visitors from different countries.In my case , i has been receiving visitors from UK,India,USA,Germany,KSA,Ireland  etc.But sometimes the language problem might be trouble our visitors.Some of the bloggers write theor languages in their own national language.But the visitors from other countries shouldn't read out your blog.This might reduce your visitors.
Today i introduce a new Google Translate Flags Widget for blogger.When any one clicks on their beloved  flags,the contents of site changes to the national language of their country.I think this is very helpful to whole bloggers.

How To Add ??
  • Go to Dashboard ,  Layout
  • Click on Page elements page,
  • Click Add A Gadget and choose HTML/JavaScript 
Note : Leave the title empty or type any title for your widget, and in the content area paste the following code.

By : Sooji


  1. Thanks,its a nice post Mr.sooji.

  2. Hello muhammed,
    Can you see an Translator on my blog ?
    I am done that with this same code.
    I think you didn't strictly followed by step.

  3. I checked Again
    Its Working script.No errors found.

  4. hi, i don't understand how to do it.... when i choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget I obtain just a white box and not the flags... help me please to do it better:) ewa.krzatala(at)

  5. You got the white space , right ?
    Now copy the above code and paste code in it.[Click Hereto view this Image]
    Save it.Now refresh/Open your Blog , you can see the flag Widget.

  6. hi, thank you for your help. I was thinking it should be like this but see what I obtain.... It's this my problem - I obtain a kind of a white box...

  7. Hai, thanks for the gadget scripts sir, its works fine to my blog in blogspot.

  8. Sir, on your blog different symbols for language are coming in a horizontal line. But on my blog, its coming in a vertical way, using the code. Please help.

  9. Hello Rohit, Please drag the Gadget into a Horizontal space where width consist whole Flags horizontally.I feel that will make your flags Horizontal.


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