How To Remove Navbar In Blogger Blogs

In a blog hosted at, you would always see a default navbar in the top of the blog page, and it has a search box, flag option etc.
There are a couple reasons why you would like to remove the navbar in your blogger blog -
1. The professionalism of the blog is not maintained. Really, the blog does not look good with the navbar.
2. Sometimes you do nothing wrong, but someone flags your blog through the option in navbar, so you are in risk.
So here is how to remove the navbar in blogger template -
Go to your blog settings > Layout > Edit HTML
Find this -
/* Variable definitions
Above that, paste this -
#navbar-iframe { display: none !important; }
And save the setting. You are done and the navbar is gone! Pretty easy huh!
blogger remove navbar

By : Sooji


  1. @joyologo

    Thanks for compliment
    Keep in touch

  2. Yes,its 100% working.
    But this code not sufficient for who are using new template designer.
    But most of us are using common template.
    Anyway thanks to Muzik box time.

  3. thanks so much!
    for some reason I had deleted the variables part so it took me a while to figure that out.

  4. what if I have a standar html template and don't have the variable deffinion in my template is there another way to do it, thanks


  5. this worked for me on the new template designer not sure what the earlier comment referred to with it not working.


  6. Welcome dear,Go through our latest post and have comment,

  7. Im using new template designer..the code didnt work for me...any other code?

  8. Actually the above code didn't work for those using new template designer.
    This only enabled for those using private template more than the template designer.

  9. @Gary
    This post was posted a Year Back, Now Blogger has Changed "Layout" into "Design" .

  10. thanx a lot!!
    It worked for me,


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