Add Pages to Blogger like in Wordpress

Many of you might have wanted to use pages for Blogger like in Wordpress.But unfortunately Blogger doesn't provide any thing like Wordpress Pages.But there is still something that can be done.To know what i am talking about,just have a look at my About Page .
To create a Wordpress like page in blogger,we will first create a normal post in blogger.If you don't want this post to be shown in your feed updates,change the date of the post to something very old[may be an year back.See the pic for details] . If you want to prevent users from posting comments on your pages,you can disable commenting on this particular post[see the pic for details]
Now publish your post.We will use this as a pge.You might want to hide the social bookmarking icons and such other stuff from your ‘’pseudo pages’. Actually our bloggertemplate is full of different divisions and we style each of these divisions using CSS.Using CSS rules,it is also possible to hide some of these divisions.So what must we be doing?We need to hide some unwanted divisions on our new pseudo page.
Ok, to Do this find the tag in your template.Just before this,we will add some additional CSS rules to hide those unwanted parts and divisions.We will use the b:if conditions to make the hiding affect our pseudo page only..[so that these rules don't hide these divisions on other pages]
Just before the ,insert the following
Here i have given some list if divisions which should be hidden.If you need to hide any other divisions you can add this to the list but make sure to separate the different divisions using commas.

By : Sooji


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