How to remove Header Image

  • To change or remove the header Image, you shall go to Layout -> Page Elements and click the “Edit” link at the bottom right corner. Remove/Change  the picture and click on save.

  • If some unlucky , for whatever reason the image cannot be removed, Go to Template -> Edit HTML and scroll to these lines:-

Change the above codes to the below codes  and save the template:-

  • Now ,Go to Template -> Page Elements and you can see a option to Add a Page Element in the Header. 
  • Click the “Edit” link in the Header, select “Remove Page Element”. The Header together with the image will disappear.
  • Reinstate the Header by clicking “Add a Page Element” at the Header area. Near the bottom of the list is the “Page Header” element. (You are entitled to have one Page Header. The previous Header has to be removed before you can add a new one.) 
  • Enter the Title and Description and upload your new picture if you'd like. Save when done. You should see a new Header and/or Header image.

By : Sooji


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