Subscript and superscript in blog post

Today my friend tito dutta asked me about superscript and sub script in Blog posts.

It is very sad to say that there is no icons in blogger new updates Editor.
But by using some html Codes, it can be possible in Your blog.
Few of us may not know what it is, For those ,
What is super scipt ?
Example : 
 18 th  - this is an example for supper scipt .
What is Subscript ?
Example :
18 th This is another example for Subscript

To Add this on your Post.
  •  Make your editor in "html Code" 

(* Sorry for this Low Quality picture ")

  • Change the "TEXT" and paste your text which you wanna be a super script or be a sub script
Enjoy .

By : Sooji


  1. Hi there. Can you explain what you mean by "Make your editor in 'html Code'"? The super- and sub-script commands mentioned above don't work on their own. At least not if entered into the standard Blogger edit window. Are you doing something clever here?

  2. Thanks a lot. That's what I needed.

    Best regards from México.

    --Rafa Ibarra
    El mundo de Rafa Ibarra

  3. @Plumbago ,

    Check the Article now ,
    Hope you are fine now.
    Hope you solved.


  4. @Rafa Ibara

    Welcome Thanks for your compliment.

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