Recent Posts in blog

Have you thought about about the recent posts shown in my side bar.
My friend hiouyt thought that , it is an html code , that i should manage it every day.
its quite funny to me more.

Actually it is a gadget provide by Blogger team itself.
To add this gadget ,

  • Sign in (Dashboard) 
  • Go to Layout 
  • Select Page elements 
  • Click on " Add page elements  " (See Fig : 1.1)

 ( Fig: 1.1 )
  • A popup menu will be appear on the screen (Fig 1.2)

( Fig: 1.2 )

  • Select ' More Gadgets "  on the popup menu .

  • Click on "RECENT POSTS " .
  • Done !!

Now , Re-open your home page.
Have a nice day 

By : Sooji


  1. How do I put that recent posts list on another website?

  2. This Gadget works only in Blogger Blogs.
    If you are saying about Blogger Blogs,then Go to Your Blog's Design Page , And Click on 'Add a Gadget' and choose the "Recent Post" Gadgets , and Save it.
    Please See the Images posted betwee each steps.
    It will help you to figure out !.


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