Post On Your Blog

Hope you Created a blog account & now start to write on blog.This is what we bloggers calls Blogging.

  1. Go to and Login with your gmail and Password .
  2. Once you've logged into Blogger you'll see your Dashboard, showing your list of blogs(If you have more than one Blog). 
  3. Click the Orange Coloured  button 'New Post' button to create a new post Or Click on 'Pencil' mark Button at the Top of your Blogger accunt (See the Image).
  4. Blogger Dashboard
  5. Now you can see a page like below as shown in image. Type your Title and content in the text boxes. You can also label your Post and Add Location.
  6. After finish writing,Click on 'Preview ' button to see preview of your post And click on 'Publish' Button to execute your post in your Blog.
  7. If it is a successful posting,you would be getting a Successful Message as shown below.

        By : Sooji


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