How To Label Your Post

       Label helps you to categories all posts in your blog.Labels are also known as Tags   It makes your visitors to catch the category very easily from a group.If you have a team blog, you could also give each member their own label, so you could easily read all the posts by a specific person .
How to Add Label to your Post : 

  • When you're writing a post, you'll be having a small text space at the bottom of the form marked ' Labels:
  • Enter whatever labels you like, separating them with commas [Example: Mobile,handset,vodafone ]. You can also click the "show all" link to display a list of labels you've used previously. 

  • When you publish your post, the labels will be listed with it.Look the below image, where Labels are listed under posts.You can customize the appearance of labels under posts.

   Clicking any of the labels will take you to a page containing only posts with that label.

Advanced Use :

       You can easily change the formatting used here by editing your blog's layout. You can also add a list of all your labels in the sidebar of your blog, sorted alphabetically or by frequency of use.

Note :
 The following characters cannot be used in labels: &<>@!,

By : Sooji


  1. hello dear my site up Home /Multi Level Marketing / Windows tool no tool work Home pls help me ..............................................

  2. There is a limit of 50 characters when defining labels. The sum of my labels is more than 50.

    Is there another way to categorize posts or is there a way to exceed 50 characters?

  3. @Jeff Bray
    Labels could have at most 200 characters .It includes spaces and Commas.

  4. Hello;
    Please how do I put all my Labels on top of my Blog page view?
    Thank you

  5. @RafBamTech Nig.
    -Go to Dashboard >> Layout
    -Drag your Label Widget into Top of Header.
    -Save Chnages


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