How to block follower on blogger

  • Login to and you are at the Dashboard
  • Here, for every blog of you an see followers link if it has minimum one, as you can see in bellow image Technical Details blog has 8 Followers
  • Click on Followers Link for the blog for which you want to block some follower
  • It will show list of followers as shown in bellow image
Now click on the picture of the follower which you wanted to block
  • This will show updates and links of follower as well as link for blocking the follower
  • Click on Block This User Link and follow the steps and the follower gets blocked from following your blog.
  • If you don't want block the follower but add as a friend then click on Add as friend as shown in the above image

By : Sooji


  1. Yes, this I understand. This is not what I need, I am sorry ...

    I went to another blog where my pic was as a follower, I wanted to remove myself, so I was told to click on my pic & delete when the words came up, which I did. It took away some functions on my blog immediately. So I contacted this gal & she told me to go to another blog, find my followers pic, click & undo/reverse what I did ... it deleted this pic also & has messed up my entire blog. I can no longer leave messages on 75% of the blogs I do follow, it took away images on my blog, my posts are not right, etc. In other words, I have a blog that is useless right now.

    I hope I have made myself clearer ... sorry. I am about cried out, old & miserable & illiterate on this computer.

    TY for any assist you may give me.

  2. The followers department of Blogger have really messed up what they thought was a great idea. It has goofed up more people than it has helped. Not only that but they force it on you. The Gall.

  3. Yes, this followers crap has turned out to be a real drag. No one knows what to do. Everyone wants out, and the follower department of Blogger thinks they have such a great idea that we are too stupid to understand.

  4. I have now deleted all the gadgets including the archives. There are no gadgets at all. The follower is still there and so is the flag. Google says they cannot do anything about it. Blogger says they cannot do anything about it. The follower department says they are doing me a favor. How about that?

  5. All of my blogs with the follower "suckers" flag have been deleted except one more to go. I have deleted over 10000 hits because of the followers. If they can do that to what I thought was my blog, what more damage can they do? Fortunately I will have a clean dashboard soon. For how long? The follower department of Blogger knows.

  6. I am a followers of 3 blogs and 3 friends are following my blog. What should I do if I want to delete a follower of my blog? I went to setting then permission i delete 1 of the followers. But in the dashboard( manage blogs column), it still show 3 followers at upper right hand side. I just want to know whether I already deleted the follower or opposite??

  7. Thank you so much,i was searching for this tip everywhere..I'm surprised blogger help forum doesn't have this topic.Once again,Thank you.


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