How To Allow Your Blog To Index On Search Engine

    We will be very happy when our blog's name/address comes on search engines or search result. I know ,how much happy was that,Really amazing :) .
    But most Blog's didn't find's on search results.When we search any topics,most of the results were from Registered domains .
Don't you ever thing why it so ?
 It s due to lack of Search engine Optimization works,(Don't bother about it right now) , ere we do the first step of SEO of blog.

If you getting started with blogger you must allow your blog to show up in search Results.Here we go,

  • Login to Blogger with your email id and Password; And go to your blog.
  • Now,Go to Settings >> basic  on left sidebar of your blogger, 
  Check out "Let search engines find your blog ? " Make this as 'YES' .

  • . And click on 'Save Changes' .
Now onwards, Search engines will index your blog on their search results.Remember it is no a instant process it will take its own time to index in search results.

Nest step of SEO work is nothing but adding your blog into Google Webmaster Tool.

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By : Sooji


  1. thanks ,
    Nice Article

  2. i ahve done same above but still it is not appearing in google blog search,is it takes Some time.

  3. i have done this step but i have the same probleme, my blog not appeare on google shearch

  4. @Busnisman
    Please wait 3 days after done so.
    After Three Days Search your URL in Google.
    You should get Good Answer .

  5. @Danish
    Thanks for compliment

  6. how can i add my blog in scarch Engine? plz


  7. Please Read the step that i have done ,and should wait at least 3 days .
    Please post your URL of your Website.

  8. Please avoid your URL in the post,Take it into the URL column,

  9. well explained clears most of the doubts thru pics

  10. Thanks for compliment.
    Hope you seen my new post on this issue,to index your blog directly into Google Search engine.
    Click here to get this Post.

  11. I have the same problem, google search is not showing my blog..
    please help..

  12. Clear concise excellent help and advice. Thank you

  13. I was looking exactly for this, thanks man:D


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