How To Put Link To Your Text In Blogger Blog

 With new Updated Post editor,we can create link or navigate a text or picture to where we wish.
Its so easy now,don't bother about HTML/script codes.

DEMO : Click Here to see an example,which sends you to another webpage.

Follow below steps to go ;
  • Type a Text in Post Editor and Select it which you need to give link.
  • Click on 'Link' Button in Post Editor Toolbar ! 
  •  Now a popup Box reopens (see the Image below) , Give the address to navigae and Click on 'OK' button at the bottom.
Now your Text get navigation ,and you can customize its size,color from the Post editor toolbar.

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By : Sooji


  1. Hi there !
    This is Andiran from Norway !
    I have a new blog at Blogger. The adress is:
    I have another blog with a link to this blog.
    In the url I have written:
    But when I click the link to Blogger on my other blog, another persons blog comes up: The Title is :Free Internet marketing secrets...
    How is this possible, I have checked many times that I have written the correct url-adress.
    Is it possible that 2 persons have the same url within Blogger ?

  2. Hi, Could you please email me the deails?

  3. @Adrian
    It never happen happen.
    Each blog have different URL.I have no doubt in this issue.
    Please check the URL one more time please
    Thanks :)

  4. @avila ..
    What details are needed ?
    Please Post your Query here.
    Then only i can help you.



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