How To Know Blogger Online Visitors

     Usually Webmasters/bloggers have an anxiety to know how many people visiting blog right now and which time where most people come online,even though they have enough tools to know detailed statics of visitors as like Google Analytics  .

Now you'll get real time statics of your blog with a new web tool created by two engineers from Canada. WHO's amung us is a prominent web tool in the industry.

You can show up your Online Visitor counts to your Readers by adding it in a Gadget.

Here we go,

  1. Go to who's amung us Official Webpage , and Select a widget which suites with your Blog .Copy down  the script provide by them.

  2. Now, Back to Blogger >> Go to Layout  >> Add a Gadget in your Blog ( HTML/JavaScript ) and Paste down the Code.
  3. Save the Gadget , Then Refresh your Blog.

You'll get graph of the week,day and map which show you where your visitor comes from. 

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By : Sooji


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    Nice info but can you suggest me more about it.

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    Welcome, and thanks for reading this post.I hope this post helps you lot.
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  5. Thanks yaar
    this is the post i looking for.

  6. Is this tracker invisible (visible just for the owner of the blog) or everyone can see it?

  7. Every one can See this.
    But you can hide it,just like i done!.
    Just remove the image code from tracker code.And paste it into your blog.Then none of your visitors can see online users.

  8. Thanks kiva ,
    Please be with me

  9. its fantastic trick,with using this tips we can watch how many visitors are onlineright now in our blog or website.

  10. it's very nice

  11. Thanks Paul Santosh .
    You have nice Blog. :)

  12. @Rahul
    Thats it, This tips is very helpful to know online users at the Time.And we can analyses it and do more traffic.

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