Create website from Blog

  As a beginner ,it would be very hard to create a interactive website.You have to create each and single page by using hard Scripting codes,set up DNS and other settings.
  Actually a blog and website are different poles in performing tasks , ie, blog will works as a online journal which displays post author,date,location etc,. but a website do different task with a Home page/welcome page and connecting links from home page .
   Creating a website would be hard to a beginner ,but if you own a blogger blog, then you can convert your blog into a Website by performing following tasks .

  1. Fist of all , Set up to Show only one post in Home Page..
  2. Disable date,time stamp,author name,Posted By,time,comments etc..
  3. Make a Permanent Home Page/Static Post. You can have a Welcome Message Here and small description about your Website.
  4. Publish additional posts, which will be the other pages in the web site. 
  5. Remove Blogger Comment Box and Instead use Contact us forum to get feed back from visitors.
  6. Link all of your posts in various ways. Here, you use your imagination.
    • Add Images and Texts in Home page and Hyperlink into other Blog Posts.
    • If you aren't using Horizontal menu bar,Create a Link List in Side bar of your Blog,where readers can easily navigate to your other Blog posts.
    • Label your Post and change the Label name into Categories or some thing else. Add this Label Links to your Horizontal menu bar buttons.
    • Setup a menu bar ,just below top Blog Header.
  7. Remove "Subscribe to:posts(Atom)" below to every blog post from the blog.
  8. As Optional , Buy a Custom Domain for your blog. Thus You can remove blogspot sub domain from your website. You would have expense for only to buy a domain which cost only $4 .
  9. Remove Popular Blogger Gadgets like "Followers" , "Blog Stats" ,  "Poll" Etc...!
Remove all other stuffs from your Blog which shows your blog look like as Blog.

    By : Sooji


    1. oi kane buat cepat

    2. If you want a flawless and functional website, let the professional do the work for you. They know best how to represent your ideals and plans.

    3. bagai mana cara membuat situs web sendiri?

    4. thanks man,its so helpful post.i did it,it works


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