Anonymous comments to your Blog

       If you are getting lots of anonymous comments on your blog it is sometimes annoying. But you can easily disable these anonymous comments. Let's see how -

1. Sign in to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Comments.

2. Look for "Who Can Comment?" option. Select any one option from last three ones. Make sure first option Anyone is not selected. (look following image). Save.

Now you will never get anonymous comments.

          Enable Anonymous Comments

One of my friend Rahul sudeesh from Cochin  told me that he can receive only comments who having google acconts .
So for Enable anonymous comments ,Follow the below Step :

  •  Dashboard
  •  Settings 
  •  Comments
  •  Look for "Who can Comment " ,Select the radio button with " Anyone-Includes Anonymous "
Now onwards every one can comment on you.

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By : Sooji


  1. Have tried selecting options : Registered users and anyone users, but readers still not able to post a comment. What else is wrong? Please help.

  2. @ACES
    Then it would be wrong with your html code.
    i think your code can't support the comments window.
    Please check my next post about comment Box,

    Keep in touch

  3. @Lubby

    Thanks for your nice support.
    Keep in Touch

  4. hello
    how to make reply option for each comment
    as u have


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