Add your Blog to Website

  • Register a website with FTP Service 
  • Login into your hosting service you keep your Web site at and create a new file called something like "blog" or whatever else you want it to be called. 
  • Login into your .

  • Go to Settings" then on the link under the tab that says "Publishing". When your Blogger publishing page comes up click on the link that says "FTP". You are now ready to start adding your Web site's FTP information so you can combine your Web site with your Blogger blog.

  •  Enter is the server name that you need to use to FTP something. The server name will look something like this:

  • This is the file on your Hosting company where you want to Blog files entered.created this folder enter the address for it here. The blog's address will look something like this:

  • The path for your blog will be the name of the file that you created on your Web site for the blog to live. If you named your new folder "blog" then the FTP path will look something like this: /blog/

  • Create an index file for your blog that will show up on your Web site. 
  • Enter the username that you use when you log into your Web site's server. 
            This was picked by you when you signed up with with your hosting service. Sometimes it's the main part of your Web site's address ie: if your Web site's address is then your username might be mywebsite
  • Then Enter your Password.
  • When you are finished entering all your FTP information from your Web site click on the "Save Settings" button. Now when you post a blog post on Blogger your pages will show up on your Web site.

By : Sooji


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