Add Background Music For Blog

      How about Playing your favorite music when your reader get load your blog ? That would be nice,right ? Surfing your blog with Music would be a nice experience to your visitors.
Or if you own personal blog ,then piano musics and notes would make more attractiveness to your blog. !

Note: Ensure that you have installed Apple Quick time plugin in your browser as well.

Now, Follow the Steps below to add background music in your blogger blog. :.
  1. Upload your music into web space and get its URL , Or Copy down your favorite songs Location Link from any music Websites/file hosts.
    [I Recommend Google Sites to upload your Music]
  2. Copy down the Below code and replace that RED URL with your music URL (that have uploaded in Google sites/file hosts).
  3. <embed style="width:1px; height:1px; visibility:hidden" autostart="true" loop="true" volume="100%" src=""/></embed>
  4. Then, Login to by typing your Email ID and Password . From Dashboard Go to Design Section where you can customize your Blog appearance.
  5. Now Click on any 'Add a Gadget' button under the Page Elements Tab.
  6. Choose "HTML/JAVASCRIPT" Gadget from the List and Paste Down the Code.
  7.  Done! Refresh your Blog and Starts to hear music whenever your blog Loaded.

Trouble Shoot :
Q: I done all the steps you have mention , Still i couldn't Hear Music fom my blog , Why ?
- Check whether Apple QuickTime is Installed or Not.
- The Music URL (Extension must be: mp3,wav,mp4, .. )that you have copied might be broken.
- Give time to music get loaded in your blog. So i prefer you to use short music .
- Turn on Your Speaker !

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    By : Sooji


    1. Its nice info,
      But adding this music will make any difficulties to Posts ?


    2. No, it never affect your posts

    3. the music that we are going to add, can be in any form? i mean like mp3, wav, or midi files?

    4. You can Add any music files, that must be a music file :)

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. i cant make me pls sir,

      i put like this.its not working..

    7. You should change the mp3 code into a valid code.
      Check my new Post to add music in your blog , where users can turn the music off/On.
      click here

    8. This code works a treat. You do have to remember to make sure that the music you use is copyright clean though so as to avoid any legal issues.

    9. I changed the second code, it's

      Now it's invisible! :D THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR THE CODE!

    10. First come to your site, very beautiful, I like very much!

    11. Thanks guys for your compliment!

    12. when i paste the actual url of my music it will ask for download not play directly :(

    13. hey!how to make to play it only once

    14. it is working if I'm copy URL from youtube ?

    15. how to make it play never to touch the play button?

    16. @Boo loves BabyBoo
      Actually you can't see even the Player in your blog.This music will be automatically played from background when your blog get loaded and nothing exist on outside of your blog.

    17. very thanks it's working fine
      i have changed the url

    18. how many URL can i add to the music background

    19. @Tutor
      One URL is enough ! Other wise songs ill be played at a time and it makes disturb your readers !

    20. done :)

      I really want to thank u as an arabic blogger :)

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    22. Thanks for your help, great work here.


    23. This is Amazing Thank you so much!!


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