Google adsense in your Blog

I Suggest Google Adsense to earn money from blogging.A valid Account is must to setup Ads in Blog.So here i gonna tell how can you Sign Up Google Adsense.Remember its easy to Sign Up but more difficult to get approved b Google.
  1. Go to Official Webpage of Google Adsense .
  2. Now Type your Blog Address in Website URL (ex: .Select English as our Website Language.You Must mark on the below check boxes.
  3. Select Individual as Account type,ad select our Country from the List.
  4. Now Write your Full name and Home address.Better Write our name in our ID card or in Bank account.Note : Cheque and Other Information will dispatch to this Address.Make sure our Address are typed right.Now mark on the Check box.
  5. Now Enter your valid Telephone Number  .And Mark on the Check Box.
  6. Now its your choice to Choose any option that How did you heard about Google Adsense.
  7.  Now Select Three Check box in Policies and Click on Submit Button.Now Wait for Google Adsense email for short three Days to get approved.

By : Sooji


  1. Thanx So much bro ur Suggesstion is ossom for me.....


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