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I know you might be many problems with blogger.But if you search it on Google ,some times you might be fed up with the results an would think to contatc the webmaster directly.
If you wanna contact with the blogger webmaster follow the link.

or you can write to them :

Privacy Matters
c/o Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043 (USA)

By : Sooji


  1. Dear sir,
    I'm a people in Thailnd. I'm so worry about content in . Expectly,
    I think the thai people can't accept this blog. And The maker (Mr. Emilio Esteban) of this blog , thai police already have a warrant of arrest. So, I think it's not purpose that bad guy still doing same this. (you can see at , and )
    Google or Blogspot , Should delete this blog suddenly. The king of Thailnd is our heart of Thai people. I'm sure, You will understand thai people. Please help us.
    Best Regards,
    People of Thailand

  2. I would like to remove a blog I started. I will eventually like to re-start it, but for now I need to sit with my advisor to develop a disclaimer and until then I'd like to remove it. How do I do this? The address for the blog is

    Your assistance in removing this blog immediately is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  3. when will the imbedded video problem be fixed. It has been days without any progress?

    You can not watch imbedded videos on my blog?


  4. Hi, im kok weng from Malaysia. i have a problem which never been solved by google admin. i had sent few of report towards a blog which is created by a spammer to revenged on me and spam around to my network friends. In fact, i had read each term and condition written by google blogger before i send a report to complaint toward the blog which is deteriorated to me. However, i hardly find a suitable category of report which belong to the spammer blog and report to blogger admin. im freaking tired by doing this non-respond complaint to blogger. I really need some helps.

    The problem i get know this person in my msn, which he added me. we chat as a normal new friend. However, when i started to realize that he is not sincere with his talks, im started to beware him. After, he get to know which i had been realized his lies, he is very angry that scolded by me. sinced because of that, he started to plan everything to spam, hacked, defame onto my FACEBOOK. He copy n pasted all my messages in my FACEBOOK, my chat history in the MSN to distort the facts and well arranged in the blogspot by written there it is a make up info, changed my full name with Nx Kxx Wxxx. how he can be so clever to cheat over the blogspot Admin based on the term n condition of violence?? Visit It is because, at the beginning he had posted these blog at after i had verify the problem with the wordpress admin, his spam blog had been terminated by the admin itself. u can visit ( truth n reveals) sinced that, he becomes clever to be a hacker and spams... written it is just a make up story to alert the young people beware of these bad person with all the distorted facts. What he is free to talk anything as he likes, i got no privilege to stop him by doing this. But i just need to know, what is he hacked into my FACEBOOK to COPYPASTE the messages in the blogspot, sending the blogspot link to all my friends by using my FACEBOOK. Is this is not consider a spammer?? alright,the newest actions he did to deteriorate me is, he wrote the URL link on my friend blogspot's comment page. it make complaint by my friends. is this consider a spammer?? Yeah, it is right for a person to talk n share the truths via the blogger and it is freedom for anyone to do that so. But, for him, it is just to spam everywhere and spread all the distorted facts. Besides that, he did to fill my personal info in the blogspot profile about my month of birth the university and place i study. is this had evade personal privacy based on blogger T&C?? Furthermore, he dares to challenge me by written if i dun contact him to said apologize, he will posted my personal photo in the blog. i feel it is threaten or intimidated. where is the human right toward these problem?? but i din get any respond from blogger admin. i just get ignored.

    If my comment here is really read by anyone who is authorized to settle the problem in blogger, i hope he or she help me to settle this spammer. Any infomation can contact me with and where the spammer(he) spam on the page to wrote the link was captured by prt screen for further verification when needed. Everything is true and i can swear wad i said above is facts and reveal of the spammer, hacker did.


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