Delete your Blog

If you are fed up with Blog accounts,you might be interest to delete your blog.If you might be,then you are in right place.
The following instruction will help you to delete you blog account.

Steps :

   You would be automatically redirected to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on Settings from Dashboard Itself.[See the Image Below]
  • Click on ' Settings ' Tab on Navigation Bar , and then Click on 'Delete Blog' .[See the Image Below]

  • A confirmation message would be shown as like in below  picture.Click on 'Delete This Blog"' Button.

  • Done!!
 Note: Your Deleted blog can restore before 90 Days.
    And Search results wouldn't removed at time you delete your blog.Google Team would remove your blog when they  review  Google search result and delete your blog when finds your blog has removed.So it may take some time.!

By : Sooji


  1. Hi,

    The problem is my son passed away already and I do not know his password. Is there a way to close it still? Or is there a contact person from google who can do it for me instead?


  2. i'm sorry, but I want to delete the whole account instead of the blog itself. Like you know, I wouldn't be able to log in with that email again.

  3. I was able to delete my blog following your instructions.


  4. @ unnoticeable-emos

    We do not currently have a way for users to delete their own accounts, but you can follow these steps to create the same effect.

    * Delete any blogs that you have on your account.
    * Edit your profile to remove any personal information stored there. For required fields, you can enter false information.
    * (optional) Change your username, also in your profile. This will make the old username available for a new user.

    Note: If you delete your email address from your account, you will never be able to recover your username or password, so do not do this unless you are absolutely sure that you do not want to access this account anymore.

  5. I cannot find the "Settings of your Blog" under the Dashboard so I can delete the account. Can you upload a picture or give more direction. All I see is: name, blogs, edit blogger profile, manage blogs, and blogger privacy settings.



  6. Hello anonymous,
    Check the above post now, i updated it.
    Thanks for your nice comment,
    Hope, you now you can delete your blog

  7. the problem is i already delete it and it still there. when i want to delete it again. the settings isnt there anymore!

  8. It is so helpful, thank you :)

  9. none of that happens anymore. I don't get the SETTINGS area. please help, I wanted to delete my blogspot account.

  10. i am unable to find settings tab in my blog. i want to delete my blog. please help me.

  11. @hiiiiiiiii
    Please Check your URL ,whether it is Draft blogger or simple

    If you are using , then you couldn't see a settings TAB like this.Else you are using then,Go to your dashboard and Click on settings under your Blog Names.

  12. Oh come on guys... this is very simple.


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