Publish your Post

How to Publish your post in blogger ?Make your first post in blogger.!
  • Go to  and Sign In with your email id and Password.
  • Click on Posting >> New Post .

  • You can have "Preview" option before Publish your Post into your Blog.
  • Click on "PUBLISH POST"  at the Bottom of your POST Editor..[See the above  Image]
      • Now your blog post published successfully message will come up.Done

      In New Blogger Interface ; How to Publish your Post ?[Video]

        By : Sooji


        1. Thanks for your great post.

        2. hello
          i am from malaysia please tell me about creat a file on my blogspot? how can i creat a file or past a file on my blog?

        3. @mujahedeen
          You can't upload a File ( Software,ZIP,music,pdf ) into Blogspot , But you can upload this files in Third Party websites and give link in your blog.



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